Nutrition & Dıet

This package is divided into 2 highly specialized subpackages for different age groups and completely different bioinformatic analysis would be done for each group. Make sure to order the package proper to your age group.

Package subdivision :

Childhood age group 0-18 years old

Adultancy age group >18 years old 

The most important thing in setting up good nutrition and proper lifestyle plan is to gather all of the personal information of the person. One of the most important components of every human body is its genetics.



We can access all needed aspects of medical and nutrition science in the purpose of providing the proper lifestyle and diet plan for you by getting your physical variables information alongside analyzing of your genetic data.



This would be an exceptional opportunity 

Evaluation of your "body" behavior toward consumption of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Evaluation of foods that are beneficial or harmful to you.

Prevention of diseases that will threaten the health of you.

Finding the best meal composition from the mentioned data analysis for you.