Ancestry report

 Genetic ancestry testing or Genealogy test is exactly what you need if you want to explore and have a journey to your past and family history.


With the Life & Me test, you can travel past and find interesting information about your ancestors. Life &Me shows your nationality composition and distribution by comparison of your genetic profile with others.

Also, Genetic analysis of mitochondrial chromosomes alongside with other chromosomes will reveal the pathway of your pedigree migration over time.

Neanderthals are the first human species who left a portion of their DNA and traits for us, by interbreeding with the modern human species. Life & Me test can reveal the similarity percentage between you and Neanderthals by comparing Neanderthal genetics with your genetics.

We will also provide you an exciting opportunity to identify your genetic relatives in people who have used the LifeAndMe test.




Since Neanderthals and the ancestors of modern humans interbreed each other when leaving Africa, some genes are common between them and today's humans, so the difference between their genomes and that of modern humans is 0.12%.

This component is the interactive feature that lets you connect with relatives that you don't know about them. You will get to know more people in your family with this package.

We examine the maternal haplogroup from the mitochondrial DNA that is transmitted from mother to child. Determination of the rate and extent of changes, kinship, and migration pathway also will be done in this pack.

This feature shows your DNA percentage from many different nationalities which will be determined from the comparison of your genome with more than a thousand other people.