This package is divided into 4 highly specialized subpackages for different age groups and completely different bioinformatic analysis would be done for each group. Make sure to order the package proper to your age group.

Package subdivision :

Childhood age group 0-7 years old

Teenage age group 8-18 years old

Adulthood age group 19-45 years old

Middle & Late Adulthood age group >45 years old

The importance of a personalized exercise program is getting clear when people with the same physical characteristics and the same exercise program get different results. This difference is due to genetic issues that differentiate each individual from similar individuals or even family members. LIFE & ME test is the revealer of your distinction and will personalize your exercise program not only by considering your physical characteristics but also your personal genetic characteristics.



By examining your genetic information on important variables in differents sport and fitness fields, we will tell you how your body responds to strength activities, how much endurance activity you need, how is your aerobic capacity, how much is the risk of injury and muscular damage for you, and even we determine how is your recovery process going to be for you.


Body's riddles that are rooted in genetics

If you want to pursue a career in sports, what field is best for you?

What kind of movements and exercises is right for you if you want to regain and maintain your body health?

We reveal the genetical mysteries about skeletal and heart muscles of yours according to sports-related components for you.

By knowing your genetics, you will have your own unique program from LIFE & ME.